Power 88 DJs

Kristina Hill

​Tylar Jahumpa

Nick LeBlanc

Alexandra Martin

Joe Mount

Alena Nagy

Ryan Nurmenniemi

Owen Regan 

Nashad Rouse

Sam Smith

Terrance Sweeney

Devin Taleghani

Grace Van Dyck

Joshua Wasserman

Catherine Zervas 

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Production Director     Anthony Saster

General Manager -  Vic Michaels

Anthony is a Communications major who lives in Franklin, Massachusetts. Music is  a big influence on his life.  He enjoys rock but he is a big fan of hip hop/rap.  He also loves sports.  He loves being a DJ and wants to be a musician one day.

Vic is a Professor of Communications at Dean College. He has over three decades of experience in the radio business working in the Providence, Rhode Island media market. 

​James is a Communications major from Dracut, Massachusetts.  He is a die-hard sports fan especially when it comes to football.  James loves listening to classic rock. 

Cole is a Communications Major from Holliston, Massachusetts. He enjoys listening to music as well as creating music. His favorite artists include Cam Meekins, Russ, Felly and AER. Cole is also a pitcher on the Dean College baseball team. 

Power 88 News/Sports 

Madison Appleby
Eddie Miller-Garrett
Ross Rubin
Leshawna Togninalli
Kristina Hill
Robert Marcello
Bryce Russo
Seth Von Schmidt
Kaleb Hunter-Sams

Promotion Director  -   Amelia Schneider

Music Director  -  Tom Manning

Tom is  a Communications major from Maynard, Massachusetts. He loves photography, videography, and playing music. His  favorite band is Bon Iver, and he can probably be seen eating Italian food somewhere.


Sports Director     James Gargiulo 

Amelia is a communications major from Wrentham, Massachusetts. She loves listening to and playing music. Her favorite band is Pentatonix. You will often find her playing the piano or spending time with friends and family. 

Program Director  -  Cole Harrison